Setting financial goals is a common issue that can be found wherever you look, from students to adults. Another general problem is the struggle of maintaining a healthy budget. A simple solution in organising your funds is to set goals and allocate your savings accordingly. This solution is an app that can support users with funding for certain goals in which they wish to achieve, as well as incentivise savings. This app aims to assist the user to plan and achieve their financial goals. It can be used to teach organisational skills and financial management. It is unique because the user can create objectives and then can keep track of their gains and losses, and maintain a suitable budget. 



This is the title screen. The title screen will show up when the app is turned on. There will also be randomised tips on how to save money below the can. If there is a chance, the can will be animated in a similar structure to a loading screen.


The Balance Screen is one of the main features and screens of Can Your Money. This screen keeps track of the total amount of money that you have in the current time, and is reduced if you contribute to your different goals. This can also be expanded by contributing to it.



The Goal Screen is displayed whenever you click an individual goal. This screen displays the title of the goal, and two different amounts, the first being the amount that you currently have saved, and the other being the amount needed to complete the goal. These two numbers can be adjusted at any time by the user.



The graph which is used in this app consists of two variables: the date and time on which the transaction was made, and the amount of money transacted. This graph can be either used on the individual amounts saved towards the goals, or the daily balance.



The tracking screen has the same purpose and functionality of the graph; the only difference being in dot point form. Along with this, the tracking screen can also be used on either the individual amounts saved towards the goals and the daily balance.